7 Ways To Get The Most Out of Your Panama City Beach Spring Break

They don’t call it a break for nothing. Here are 7 ways to get the most out of your party-driven vacation.

1. Book Early

Listen carefully: booking your rooms early gives you the best deal, waiting until the last minute means you will more-than-likely pay more. By the time you return to school from winter break, you’re probably already be thinking about Spring Break. That is precisely the time you should be researching and booking your room. Don’t wait!

2. Have a Budget

People, you have to make a budget. Don’t just assume that after a long week of partying, eating and jet skiing you can depend on your security deposit return to get you home. Panama City Beach is known for having great Spring Break deals, but managing your money is of utmost importance. Saving at least a hundred bucks to get home will allow you to have a ball, party hard worry-free.

3. Package Deals are Awesome

When booking your accommodation for Spring Break, ask about any packages. What packages mean is that not only do you get a great room, but you could get free breakfast or free cover and even just bags of free stuff.

4. Join The Social Networks

You’re already on Facebook and Twitter so join a fan page and follow the places you’ll be going during Spring Break. Hotel and Condos offer awesome deals exclusive to Facebook and Twitter fans, clubs give no cover and free drinks and lots of attractions offer special discounts. It’s spring break, people, SOCIALIZE!

5. Plan an Event

Days and days and days of partying and sleeping can become tedious. There is so much to do on Panama City Beach and if you party all day and all night you’ll never get to experience any of it. So, plan a day. Go on a dolphin tour or head out to try some deep sea fishing. You’ll get a much need break from your break and have a blast.

6. Make Sure to Relax

This is important. You are on a break; so break. Relax on the beach, hang out by the pool, get a tan–do absolutely nothing. All the accommodations on Panama City Beach offer numerous amenities like poolside bars and spas. Basically, there is simple no better place to party and relax than Panama City Beach. Be sure to take advantage of both.

7. Know the Local Laws

Too often a bunch of breakers ride the strip standing in the back of a F150 while drinking from open containers. For the record, this is illegal. In fact, if you can’t do it at home, it’s likely you can’t do it in Panama City Beach either. There’s nothing worse than spending a night in Bay County Jail over a law you didn’t know existed. Laws are posted all over the beach and in your room. Give them a look. Here’s a few: No open containers on the road. No walking on the sand dunes. No littering.

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