Top 5 Reasons To “Break” On The World’s Most Beautiful Beach

Top 5 Reasons To “Break” On The World’s Most Beautiful Beach: Panama City Beach

5. Price

You will not find a better Spring Break rate anywhere in the world. It’s true. Come to Panama City Beach and you don’t need a passport, lots of colleges can get here on a single tank of gas and the accommodations on Panama City Beach offer the most competitive rates you’ll will ever see. That’s world-class digs on the “World’s Most Beautiful Beach” at a price that otherworldly. You and all your friends get to party with thousands of other college students at the perfect price.

4. Celebrities

Every year the world’s hottest celebrities descend on Panama City Beach to party with you and all your friends. Last year’s spring break saw the likes of Lil’ Wayne, Flo-Rida, Asher Roth, All American Rejects, All the cast members from MTV shows like Real World and Road Rules and so many more. You can be sure that 2010 will be twice as nice.

3. Attractions

One of Panama City Beach’s most attractive attributes is its, well, attractions. There is so much to do; from paragliding and jet skis, to dolphin tours and vertical accelerators. There’s a Marine Park, a Ripley’s Museum, A Waterpark and Northwest Florida’s most incredible shopping at Pier Park. And the dining is top-notch. Just click here to see more of the great restaurants on Panama City Beach.

2. Nightlife

Panama City Beach is known for its exhilarating nightlife. There is a place to party for everyone, no matter what you’re into. There are the infamous superclubs like Spinnaker’s that let you party with more people than you ever thought possible, there are the more uber-exciting party spots like Sharky’s, Hammerhead Fred’s, Harpoon Harry’s and loads of others. Click here to see more places to party

1. Beach

Panama City’s Beach is the number one reason to vacation on Panama City Beach. Show us an all around better beach that doesn’t require a passport and a vacation guide named Reynard who, for some odd reason, prefers banana hammocks over board shorts. Panama City Beach is without rival in that category. Panama City Beach is the perfect tropical paradise for Spring Breakers. Stop waiting, start breaking.

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