Why You Need to Buy the 2021 Maniac VIP Card

If you’re planning to come to Panama City Beach this coming March for Spring Break 2021, there’s a few things you’ll need to make sure you have with you – in order to make it a successful and fun week.

A bathing suit would be wise. After all, it’s Spring Break, and of course you’ll be on the beach. And how about some evening wear – because going out at night and hitting our famous club scene will be a must.

The only other essential item – which ties the above two together – is getting your Spring Break Maniac VIP Card. It’s simply the most famous Spring Break VIP Program that exists, allowing you to get FREE ACCESS into daily pool party events, concerts (featuring Trey Lewis and more!!), nightly parties at clubs, food discounts and so much more!

The biggest feature that the Maniac VIP Card is offering for Spring Breakers in 2021 is the free concert event each week and the nightly club events at places like Harpoon Harry’s and Longboards – Panama City Beach’s newest hotspot!

So get your Maniac VIP Card today and join us for what promises to be a wild Spring Break. Oh, and don’t forget your bathing suit!

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