Thanks for Another Great Spring Break Season!

And just like that, another Spring Break season has come to an end…

The wait will soon begin for Spring Break 2016 (once the sand clears from our toes and hair). Rest assured, we will be back, better than ever, with new and exciting events, concerts, and attractions for you to experience.

But before we start thinking ahead, let’s look back at what was.

Diplo and Kaskade performed to massive crowds at the Beach Bash Music Fest at Sharky’s Beach Club.

These EDM phenoms did not disappoint, playing some of the hottest and most popular music.

Luke Bryan plays his farewell concerts at Spinnaker Beach Club.

An era has definitely come to an end. Luke Bryan’s string of free concerts – arguably the hottest free ticket in Spring Break’s recent years – ended after six straight years of performances. He will be missed.

How about that weather!

There’s no doubt that the weather this year has been some of the best we’ve had in recent years. The Sun came out in early March and came out to stay! Temperatures hovered between 75 and 80 degrees most days, making beach tanning and swimming that much more enjoyable.

That Beach tho!

It’s one of the main reasons why we all come here and why people keep coming back. The beach. The glorious, sugar-white sandy beach. The emerald coastline is world renowned and really is a spectacular place to be.

Join us in 2016 when we do it all again. Will you be there with us?


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