5 Must-Do Things for Spring Break 2015!

You’ve earned this break, so you wanna make sure you get the very most out of it. You paid for it in blood, sweat, exams, and stress-eating… So you deserve to squeeze the experience for every last ounce of fun 😉

This list was brought to you by the Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort. The only place in Panama City Beach with Spring Break Condos, Beach Houses, and Private Villas that rents to under 25’s and is home to one of the biggest nightclubs in Panama City Beach, FL; The World Famous Tiki Bar!

Here’s the top X things you should think about to make the most of out your week in Panama City Beach.

1. Go to the Showsdiplo

Sure, Panama City Beach, Florida has the palm trees, endless blue skies, sugar white sandy beaches, and glistening emerald green waters.

But that’s only part of what has makes it the Spring Break capital of the World.

The sheer number (and quality) of the celebrities that make a point to stop by is incredible.

2015 alone will see DIPLO, Kaksade, Luke Bryan, Bone Thugs n Harmony, DVVBS, Waka Flocka Flame, Lil’ John, T-Pain and more!

2. Wear Sunscreen. Stay Hydratedsunburn

Yes, we sound like your mom, but hear us out.

#1 – You don’t wanna look like that guy. It’s not a good look, and it feels even worse!

Wear sunscreen. You’re on the beach, in Florida. We shouldn’t have to tell you this.

#2 – Stay hydrated. This way you don’t pass out, miss half the day, and wake up with a bunch of stuff Sharpied on your face!

Besides, if you drink plenty of water as you consume alcoholic beverages, science says you turn up for longer…

3. Kick Back & Relax

relaxThe temptation is there to never miss a show, never miss a game, and try to get to all the pregame parties.

You could (try to) do that, and (if you made it) you’d probably have a great time. But you’d need a vacation by the end of the week!

Trust us, you wont miss much if you take a couple hours each day to just relax enjoy Panama City Beach.

Head up to your balcony, or find a spot on Front Beach Road to just kick back and watch the show!

4. Talk to Everybody & Make Some New Friends

This will be a unique week, and you can bet you’re gonna meet some unique people!

Some you’ll wanna hook up with, others are good for hanging out with, but everybody is there to have a good time, and they all have a story!

Sure, the beaches are stunning. The concerts and shows are awesome. And there parties at the bars and clubs are legendary.

But it’s the people you met here that you will remember, and go home with stories about.

And when you’re old and grey, sitting in your rocking chair reminiscing about how great this week of your life was, it’s gonna be those same people you think about.

5. Watch Out For Bushes!bushes

Seriously, look out for bushes. They are pretty much everywhere.

You have been warned…

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