Spring Break Do’s and Don’ts

You want to maximize your Panama City Beach Spring Break experience. This list is a good place to start.

spring break doDo: Stay at the Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort. It is the only hotel in Panama City Beach with a club, that thousands of people come to all week. They bring the party right to you. Pool parties / games / freebies all day and a great party every night.


spring break doDo: Bring your fraternity flag, and a large flagpole. Set yourself up on the beach every day in the same spot. This will attract all the different chapters (and all their girls) to come hang out with you.


spring break doDo: Drink lots of water. Yeah it sounds boring, but it’ll keep you going longer all day and night. If you’re passed out then you’re missing out. Stay hydrated, and rage for longer!


spring break doDo: Wear sorority letters when you go out.
You’ll run into a ton of girls from other schools and it’s a nice easy ice breaker.
No brainer.


spring break doDo: Bring beads.
Lots of beads.
You’ll still run out.


spring break doDo: Bring more condoms than you think you’ll need. It’s spring break so everyone is getting down. It’s smart to be safe, and you don’t need that phone call in 9 months time – so take care of business now. Be on the look out for places handing them out for free too. Free is good.


spring break doDo: Help that girl even if you don’t know her. There’s no need to be creepy about it, or hit on every girl in need that you see – but;
a) it’s just the right thing to do, and;
b) her group of girlfriends will probably agree…



spring break don'tDon’t: Be a baby. That one day / night you decide to take a break, and stay in is going to be the craziest time all week.
You’re only there once so suck it up buttercup.


spring break don'tDon’t: Forget the energy drinks. You’ll need them. You’ll go through a couple each day to make it through the club and into the morning. Another great thing about the Sandpiper Beacon is that they always have someone giving out freebies, Monster / Red Bull / Rockstar – stock up.


spring break don'tDon’t: Forget the frat nap. There is a magical two hour window between leaving the beach and pre-gaming for the night ahead. Use it wisely. You probably won’t be getting much sleep at night as it is.


spring break don'tDon’t: Be that guy. Sometimes we all have one too many, but don’t be that guy that everyone else has to take care of and ruin their fun. You might find that you “Accidentally” get left out of the next night.


spring break don'tDon’t bring anything you that don’t want lost, stolen or broken. Yeah your new $1,000 drone camera WOULD get some killer footage, but is it worth the risk? (No, no it’s not.)


spring break doDo: Stop reading this, and see why you need to stay at the…
Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort!



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