SPRING BREAK 2016: When Does Your School Break?

Spring Break 2016 in Panama City Beach, Florida is still just over seven months away, but it’s never too early to start planning the trip of your life. That’s why we’re releasing the 2016 School Break Date list!

If you’re not completely sure as to when your school is breaking, or if you need to find out another school’s break date (so that you can co-ordinate your spring break plans with your friends), PCBeachSpringBreak.com has a list all prepared for you. Check out the break dates list by visiting www.PCBeachSpringBreak.com or by clicking here.

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Spring Break is an annual rite of passage and Panama City Beach, FL is its most popular destination. Luckily for the organizers, all those students aren’t descending on the ‘world’s most beautiful beaches’ all at once. Spring Break spans over a six week period, beginning in late February, and ending in early April. Depending on which state you’re from or which school you go to, your break date will fall into one of those six weeks.

Be sure to follow the exclusive PCBeachSpringBreak Facebook page to stay in the conversation loop and to learn about various promotions, updates, and special announcements leading up to Spring Break 2016 in Panama City Beach.

For all your Spring Break 2016 needs and information, including Where to Stay and Where to Party, please continue to visit www.pcbeachspringbreak.com

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