Luke Bryan: Spring Break’s Favorite Performer

For the past five years, a college Spring Break trip to Panama City Beach to take in a free Luke Bryan concert at Spinnaker Beach Club has become almost as much a tradition as Spring Break itself.

Country superstar Luke Bryan knows that spring time is the best time to party. He’s made a habit out of showcasing Panama City Beach, Florida as a main backdrop for some of his hit songs, videos and albums, and he’s made this popular beach destination a return stop year after year in order to spend some valuable time with his closest fans.

Over the course of the five years that he’s come to Panama City Beach to perform free live concerts; Luke Bryan has increasingly become a household name in the country music ranks. He’s won major awards and he’s earned chart topping success, enough that might make one figure he’d be ready to leave his small town Georgia roots in the dust. Not so fast. He’s never forgotten what’s helped him get to the top and that’s why he keeps coming back.

Bryan’s hit album release “Spring Break…Here to Party” has really connected with college crowds and has made him famous among the Spring Break demographic – so much so, people are expecting to see him return to Panama City Beach each year where his free Spring Break concerts at Spinnaker Beach Club prove to be an event not to be missed.

Always interactive with his cheerful fans – whether it’s sharing football tosses and cold drinks or jumping out in the crowd during one of his songs – Luke Bryan has mastered the art of getting personal with his supporters and it’s reassuring to see that he’s loving every moment of it.

Will he be back in 2014? Stay tuned…

Why Panama City Beach for Spring Break?

“Growing up in South Georgia, Panama City (Beach) was where we always went to. That’s where we always did Spring Break. It seemed like the right location. It’s a fun area and we know a lot of spring breakers that go down there.”

What is your most memorable Spring Break moment?

“Spring 1999 with a big group – my (future) wife and I jumped in the water the first night and it was about 50 degrees. The rest of the week, we had the flu. So we kinda laid in the bed and had the cold sweats the rest of the week. So that’s a pretty funny memory.”

What is the craziest thing you ever did on Spring Break?

“I was always pretty tame – other than just maybe drinking a little too much. In high school (around 1994 or ’95 in Panama City Beach), one of my buddies turned (the car) into a strip mall and drove all up on the curb. We shouldn’t have been driving, to say the least. A cop came up and wrote us a ticket for driving up on the sidewalk and that’s how the ticket read. I don’t think my parents would have been too proud of the description of the ticket.”

-with interview files from Michael Bialas of the Huffington Post

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