Life Hacks: Spring Break Version

Planning ahead to make the perfect Spring Break Vacation can be a lot of work! Sometimes you just want life to be a little easier. That’s where LIFEHACKS come in. They are great things that you can do for yourself to make life just a little easier. They are like wicked cheat codes for a video game, but the video game is real LIFE…. Mind. BLOWN!

Flip flops can be one of the most comfortable pieces of footwear out there, but only if you take care of them properly. If you are at the beach and the bottom of your flip flop is throwing in the towel (no pun intended) and starting to crack, just use a bread clip to hold it together!


Windy day at the beach? Is your straw dancing around like that awkward dude at the party last night? Just put your straw through the tab to keep it steady, plus people will think you are a GENIOUS!


That awkward moment when you got to fist bump your bro and your fingers stick together… There is nothing worse than sticky hands! We’re sure you are going to come across a popsicle or 2.. or maybe 12. Be the Popsicle super hero and have some cupcake wrappers around to catch all those sticky drips!


Hiding your stuff in your shoe is done bro! Plus you don’t want your cell phone and keys smelling like Swiss cheese! You have to get sneaky with hiding your valuables. A great beach life hack is to clean out an old sun tan lotion bottle and hide your stuff in there!


Oh mannnnn, sunburns are the worst. Like even worse than stubbing your toe! After a long day at the beach all you want is to cover yourself in ice and aloe! Well some brilliant person decided to try it and it’s the PERFECT life hack for Spring Breakers. It’s even better if you get that special someone you met at the beach that day to administer the Icy Aloe Rubdown!


Having a BBQ on the beach? Trying to impress a new Spring Break fling with your all star burger flipping? Use a muffin sheet to serve your condiments. It looks cool, and that way you’re not trying to juggle like 60 little serving cups. Also you’re avoiding that awkward ketchup bottle fart noise…gross… Oh and added plus, you have something to make muffins in after, and muffins are pretty delish too!


In Panama City Beach, less is definitely more! You don’t want to be carrying around a heavy purse or big bulky wallet. That’s almost as awkward as wearing a t-shirt in the pool… Once you’re done with you chap stick, wash it out and it makes an awesome and waterproof place to stash your cash!


You’ve been in that hot Florida sun all day, and once you get back to your hotel room all you want is an ice cool beverage…oh NO! Your buddy didn’t stock the fridge! Don’t worry, wrap your bevy in a wet paper towel and throw that sucker in the freezer. In 15 minutes it will be colder than your ex’s heart! We don’t know how it works, its science!


Everyone likes to pump some tunes when they are getting ready for the night. It puts you in the right mood to go make some amazing memories. Oh man you forgot your iPod dock… Good thing you’re pretty much the Spring Break MacGyver at this point. Grab an old toilet paper roll, some scissors and some push pins and you’ve got yourself a mini speaker! It won’t be as bass bumping as the amazing concert you’re going to go to, but it’s better than 3 people trying to share headphones!

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