Start Planning Your Spring Break Now!

To officially commemorate the fact that Panama City Beach Spring Break 2016 bookings are now being offered at discounted prices at most major hotels and condos, AND that our 2016 Panamaniac Club Card is now on sale, we want to point out some key reasons why you (and everyone else) should be looking forward to Spring Breaking with us this coming March 2016 and ordering our 2016 Panamaniac Club Card!

  1. The Concerts and Celebs

With thousands of students flocking down south every winter, the DJ’s, bands and celebs follow. These aren’t just guys plucked off the street. These are internationally known names that show up and perform to massive crowds. Diplo, Kaskade, Luke Bryan, Steve Aoki, and Florida Georgia Line are just some of the big names to hit our beach stages in recent years.

  1. The Massive Parties and Events

Whether it’s the world famous Beach Bash Music Fest (the largest daytime party on Spring Break) or the Glow Paint Party, or Legendary Foam Party, there’s no shortage of events to choose from.


  1. The Clubs

These are not your average clubs. These aren’t even above average clubs. These are the clubs you tell your grand kids about. There’s a reason why the largest club in the USA is situated in the Spring Break capital of the world. And it’s more than just that. There’s no less than seven super clubs on the beach to choose from every night of the week.

  1. The Best Hotels and Condos

Panama City Beach has come a long way in the past ten years or so, offering up some of the best, most affordable beach front accommodations. Whether it’s the Holiday Inn Resort, the Summit, Origin or The Sandpiper Beacon Resort, you’re in great hands when it comes to picking a place you know you can not only afford, but also be extremely excited about.

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  1. The People

Spring Break is nothing without the people. When it comes to Panama City Beach, you’ll find that EVERYONE comes here. To be more specific, half a million students each year! They don’t call this place the Spring Break capital of the world for nothing. Party with thousands. Literally.

Think you’re ready? Join us for Spring Break 2016!.. But first, book your hotel and get your VIP Panamaniac Club Card!

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