5 Creative Ways to Save Money on Spring Break

Spring Break is expensive enough… Or at least it can feel that way.

Panama City Beach, FL has always been one of the cheapest places you can go for an amazing Spring Break.

Unlike overseas destinations like Cancun or the Bahamas etc. You don’t need to pay extra for a passport, flights, or expensive travel insurance.

But still, however you can save even more money… Wait, you’re gonna spend the same money no matter what, so let us reword that… However you can save money to spend on the things you want to instead, is a good thing…

Here’s our top 5 Creative Ways to Save Money on Spring Break…


Behave Yourself!

Do you know who else loves Spring Break? Cops.

Cops make a lot of money on Spring Break, and it can feel like they go around issuing tickets and citations like they were giving out candy to cute kids in costumes at Halloween.

Here’s the problem… Tickets cost money. Plus they are a hassle, and depending on the offense they can go on your record, plus dealing with all this eats into your Spring Break time.

Lucky for you, there’s a very simple way to ‘beat the system’.

Behave. If you are not caught breaking any rules, then you cannot be issued any tickets.

Another way that behaving can save you money is in damage deposits at your Hotel.

Damage Deposits are standard, and they help to protect places against any breakages that one drunk friend causes.

The best way to make sure you get back every single penny is to take good care of the room you’re staying in!

Tip: take a walk through the room before everybody jumps in and claims a bed. Make a note / take photos of any areas you think should be noted BEFORE you arrive. Go over these items with the front desk, and that way there’s no debating “That door was already missing when we checked in.”



You might have planned on doing your fair share of this anyway, but it’s also a great way to save some cash.

Yes, it works way better for girls, but if you’re in need of a drink and your funds are running low, a few well-placed compliments and jokes can go a long way.

This doesn’t just apply to other Spring Breakers though.

Flirt with your hostess if you go out for a meal, flirt with your bartender…

Anybody who’s serving you is also in a position to discount you or hook you up in some way.


Book a Larger Suite / Condo / Beach House

Larger rooms cost more money.

Along with costing more, they come with nicer furnishings, better views, private balconies, and give you more space.

So have we lost our minds by suggesting this? No, and here’s why…

Larger suites also sleep more people, and (we encourage you to actually check this for yourself) will always come out cheaper per person when you split the cost, than smaller hotel rooms split 2 or 3 ways.

It might seem counter-intuitive that a “nicer” and more expensive place to stay can work out cheaper.

Maybe that’s why many people don’t think about it… But you’re smart, and now you’re prepared ๐Ÿ˜‰


Stay Somewhere with a Kitchen

OK, so this might sound like something your grandma might say to you, but hold on…

Panama City Beach has some incredible places to eat. As in caught-that-day-seafood, awesome steaks, burgers, and BBQ and more.

But we don’t know anybody who’s coming to Panama City Beach, FL on Spring Break to eat out at restaurants all week.

So you’re either going to be living off the dollar menu, which has about as much nutritional value as your flip flops…

Or you could stay somewhere with a kitchen, throw in $20 each as a group, and live off what you buy for the whole week.

Sure, it’s a boring, grown-up kinda suggestion, but it will save you money!


Stay Somewhere With Things Going On

We’ve noticed that a lot of places to stay will scream and shout about how close they are to the Miracle strip, or the superclubs like La Vela and Spinnaker.

This might be because they have nothing going on right there, and the only way you’d even consider staying there, is because they are at least close to stuff to do.

How about this for a crazy idea though… Instead of paying top dollar to stay somewhere with nothing going on, look for places with daily pool parties, multiple pools, contests and games, corporate giveaways, DJs, volleyball contests, bikini contests, a huge beachside Tiki Bar etc.

It’s a huge hassle to decide what’s going on each day, round everybody up, drive out there (spending time, and money on gas each time).

If your go-to plan is to just stick around where you already are, and only leave your base for major concerts / big events, then you’ll save money, hassle, and time.



Thank you to www.springbreakfunplace.com for help putting this list together. The Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort & Tiki Bar is also known as the Spring Break Fun Place in Panama City Beach, FL. Home to the World Famous Tiki Bar, and the legendary daily Bikini Contests at 4pm every day.

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