Corporate America Looks For New Ways To Connect With Generation Y

Collegiate Marketing Group observes a strong interest in Spring Break marketing opportunities.

Panama City Beach, FL (PRWEB) September 12, 2011

It’s back to school season for the college crowd, yet these days it isn’t just the students who are being schooled.

Collegiate Marketing Group, LLC says’ that companies from all over North America are collectively scratching their heads trying to crack the code on how to reach out and connect with the ever elusive, yet very powerful student marketplace, otherwise known as Generation Y.

Collegiate Marketing Group, LLC, a leading marketing and promotions company dedicated to helping corporate brands reach the student demographic, is attracting big size corporations who are looking for help with what is otherwise being referred to as a very elusive marketplace.

Sometimes referred to as ‘Millennials’, ‘Connecteds’, and ‘unreachables’, the Generation Y segment is comprised of individuals in their twenties and younger, or born in 1982 or later. They represent over 71 million Americans who spend over 200 billion dollars annually, and are now replacing the baby boomers as the largest percentage of the working world.

Fortune 500 companies are targeting Generation Y with significant interest, yet are finding it to be difficult to establish any real connection.

“Gen Y-ers – as they are nicknamed – are hard to reach as a whole, yet they represent a very large purchasing market,” comments Steve Cox, a representative of Collegiate Marketing Group, LLC.

“Corporate brands are looking to find authentic ways to connect with students. Everyone wants a piece of a very popular pie.”

Every March, hundreds of thousands of students from across the nation descend on destination beaches such as Panama City Beach, Florida for a mix of sun and fun. Widely known as “the spring break capital of the world”, Panama City Beach has become a haven for marketers keen on using this specific spring break destination as a way to reach out to these young, affluent college students.

“Corporations feel that one of the great aspects of this marketing event is the fact that most college students who travel to a spring break destination are influential trendsetters who bring friends and involve them in their buying decisions,” . “This gives corporate sponsors a chance to connect with their targeted demographic in an environment that can yield a significant impact.”

Collegiate Marketing Group, LLC specializes in student marketing, branded events and promotion services to large corporate clients and local merchants in both Canada and the United States.

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