SPRING BREAK News & Updates

Party With Hundreds at The Boardwalk!

Party with hundreds of other Spring Break travelers at this 300+ room hotel. Boardwalk Beach Resort Hotel & Convention Center welcomes all students visiting Panama City Beach for Spring Break!... Read more »

Spring Break 2017 is Five Weeks Away!

The largest student event of the year is just five weeks away from kicking off and if you’re not yet excited about the prospect of sun, beach, ocean and endless parties and events, now is the time!... Read more »

Work Hard, Play Hard This Spring Break!

Want the job of a lifetime? We’re currently searching nation-wide for Spring Break promotions and events staff to work this March. You have the amazing opportunity to make a substantial amount of... Read more »

It's Time to Book Your Spring Break

Spring Break travel is one of the busiest travel times of the year. Flights and hotels sell out fast, and they sell out early. If you’re planning on coming to a hot spot like Panama City Beach you... Read more »

The Hard Truth About Using Social Media

This Spring Break, it’s fair to say that just about everyone will be on their phones, taking selfies and posting to their various social media networks as if it were a time-sensitive deadline.... Read more »

How to be a Spring Break Beauty  

Spring Break is right around the corner, and if you’ve hit the panic button and are worried about how you’re going to look in a bikini, now might be the right time to start practicing the... Read more »

Why Students Come to Panama City Beach!

College students don’t get as many days off as they used to in high school. However, what they do have is flexible class times and a weekend – two things that can be used to their advantage! Many... Read more »

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Special Offer!

In celebration of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this weekend we begin our official kick-off countdown to Spring Break 2017 with a special discount on Spring Break’s hottest events and the 2017 VIP... Read more »

Managing Your Money as a Student

If you’re a student, it may seem that no matter how responsible you act, money disappears faster than ice cream during finals week. Weekly grocery shopping, morning coffee, drinks out with friends... Read more »

Why You Should Plan Spring Break Now  

With winter about to bear down hard soon enough, it’s easy to cope with the low temperatures by imagining yourself on the warm shores of a Spring Break paradise. Fortunately, Spring Break is just... Read more »

Concert Announcements Are Soon to Come!

Spring Break 2017 is just over four months away and the anticipation level has already reached a feverish pitch as to who will perform in Panama City Beach. The Beach Bash Music Fest will soon... Read more »