Why Location Matters When on Spring Break

Spring Break may seem like it’s gonna last a long time, it’s practically a whole week, right?

If you’re having the kind of Spring Break you should be, then it’s gonna feel like it was over in the blink of an eye.

We all know how time always flies when you’re having fun, and drags out when you’re bored (like when you’re in class).

So, you don’t want to end up stuck in a Condo or Hotel that’s on the crowded and chaotic East End of Panama City Beach. Unless you like finding yourself stuck in slow moving traffic, and going nowhere fast of course…

You especially don’t want to get stuck in somewhere that’s not even on the beach! You came to Panama City Beach, Florida for the beach… If you stay somewhere that’s not even located on the beach, you’ve already failed my friend.

The more congested area around the East end is often sold as “being in the heart of the action” or “walking distance from (insert landmark here)”. Technically condos are within walking distance, and trust us, you’ll want to walk because it will be faster than driving, and having to fight for a parking space when you arrive!

It’s pretty stressful and not much fun.

If you wanted to spend the majority of your Spring Break looking at the inside of your car, then you could just save hundreds and drive around your neighborhood at home.

The trick is staying at the preferred West-End of Panama City Beach. Staying somewhere that lets you settle in and have fun once you arrive and check in practically extends your Spring Break.

Staying one the West end, means you are still close enough to all of the attractions and events, while not placing you in the middle of slow moving traffic as soon as you pull out…

It puts you close to Pier Park, which is full of places to eat, bars, attractions and things to do.

It places you on the more exclusive end of Panama City Beach where all the new developments are taking place.

It places you closer to Frank Brown Park, the Airport and the exclusive 30A area.

It places you within easy reach of a grocery store to pick up anything you might have forgotten at home.

You know, like the Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort, a.k.a the Spring Break Fun Place!

Check availability and rates today by calling their reservations team 24/7 on 1-800-488-8828

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