PCB 2018: Stay Smart This Spring Break!

You probably don’t have unlimited money for your Spring Break. So it only makes sense to stay somewhere that’s not going to blow your entire budget on just the room and give you nothing else. Here’s how you can stay smart, and make sure you have the best Spring Break!

You might see places trying to trick you into thinking it’s good value to stay there because their rates are the same. But while they might have similar prices, not all places are created equally… They are hoping people don’t book smart, and don’t ask any questions about how little they have to offer.

  1. Do they all have a giant beachfront Tiki Bar that also doubles as one of the most popular Panama City Beach Spring Break clubs, (which is included on the Panamaniac card)? The Spring Break Fun Place does…


  1. Do they all offer a fun Spring Break atmosphere day and night, which attracts spring breakers staying elsewhere to come and hang out because there’s nothing going on where they are staying? The Spring Break Fun Place does…


  1. Do they all give the choice of rooms and suites that sleep up to 10, letting you split the cost of a bigger room, and save even moremoney? The Spring Break Fun Place does…


  1. Do they have places to eat on-site that serve breakfast lunch and dinner? The Spring Break Fun Place does…


  1. Do they have daily games and contests with awesome prizes, jet ski rentals and banana boat rides right behind the Resort, multiple swimming pools, waterslides, a beachfornt hot tub, lazy river ride and more?  You guessed it… The Spring Break Fun Place has.


  1. Are they a giant Condo complex where people live all year? So will you feel like you’re hanging out at somebody’s house who didn’t even invite you and don’t really want you there? Another concern with staying somewhere like that, is if anything goes wrong, who do you think the Condo will side with every time? The people who give them a rent check every single month, or the Spring Breakers there for just a week?


Unless you want to have to figure out something to do every single day, then drive through traffic and money getting around constantly because there’s nothing going on where you’re staying, then it makes sense to stay where Spring Break is right on your doorstep!

You know, like the Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort, a.k.a the Spring Break Fun Place!

Check availability and rates today by calling their reservations team 24/7 on 1-800-488-8828

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