5 Must Have Spring Break Travel Apps For Every College Student

It’s fair to say that most college students own a smartphone these days. Finding apps to help personalize our phones are a cool way to discover what’s really there at the click of a button. That said, check out these five must have apps for every college student heading to Spring Break.


Stuck in a new city without a clue as to where to eat? No worries. Just fire up your handy Yelp app, which locates all the nearby eateries, then browse by proximity, neighborhood, price, or what’s open now. Not hungry? The app lets you find a whole host of other on-the-road necessities, such as bars, banks, drugstores, and gas stations.




What doesn’t Where do? Want gas prices in your area? Done. Need to find a coffee shop nearby? Easy. Need to find a movie theater and see what’s playing? Check. Basically, Where is an all-encompassing local-area search engine, perfect for travelers just getting acclimated to a new destination.


It might seem obvious, but maps are always your friend when you find yourself in an unfamiliar place. One of the big developments in recent years has been the ability to access maps and GPS location through mobile phones. When combined with a compass it becomes truly invaluable.


AroundMe remains one of the easiest and fastest apps for locating points of interest near you, no matter where you are. Like Yelp’s app, it can quickly tell you about restaurants and bars in your vicinity, as well as other useful categories such as hospitals, ATMs, supermarkets, theatres, and more. But perhaps AroundMe’s biggest attribute is its simplicity and speed: most of your hunting can be done with a single click

Spring Break Panama City Beach

For those heading to Panama City Beach this year, use this app to find out what’s going on around you, how far away the nearest party is, and where you can get the best deals and specials for attractions, restaurants, and shopping.

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