Why You Need to Book Your Flight Now!

Why You Need to Book Your Flight Now!

Thinking of flying to Panama City Beach this Spring Break? That would probably be a good choice… if you book your flight soon.

The cost of buying an airline ticket is currently at a three year low, but that won’t last long before starting to creep back up as demand increases this spring.

At $210 for an average ticket, consumers that want to take a trip in the near future should book now as the costs are about 2.5 percent lower than last month and more than 14 percent lower than last year, thanks to plummeting oil prices.

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Prices could fall as much as 17 percent on tickets to Florida hotspots, including Panama City Beach, the Spring Break Capital.

Prices will rise through the spring however, peaking in June at about $20 below 2015 levels.

Being flexible with your travel plans can reduce already low rates even further. It’s usually cheaper to fly Monday through Wednesday, rather than Thursday through Saturday. You’ll also likely find better fares in the early morning and on red-eye flights.

With Panama City Beach’s recently built Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport, flights to this Spring Break haven are not only affordable, but they’re convenient!

You might also be able to save by purchasing two one-way tickets in lieu of a round trip flight.


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