Why Students Come to Panama City Beach!

College students don’t get as many days off as they used to in high school. However, what they do have is flexible class times and a weekend – two things that can be used to their advantage!

Many students can attest that traveling is one of the best things that you can do during your time in undergrad. Traveling with your best friends, you will create the craziest memories that you will never forget. It may seem intimidating to travel to an unknown city but it’s definitely worth it in the end.

So now that you got a reason to travel, where should you travel? One of the best states in the country for this is undoubtedly Florida. Boasting great weather, beaches and plenty of amazing attractions, this is such an easy place to visit because you know you’re going to have a great time… every time!

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Panama City Beach is one of those cities that when the name comes to mind, all you can think about is beaches and partying (two things that students love). Panama City Beach during Spring Break is a great time to let loose with your friends and enjoy the week away from school.

When it’s not Spring Break, PCB is a relaxing getaway perfect for a girls trip or a weekend with your significant other! After the beach, you can hit up restaurants on the strip that offer great, fresh sea food.

For nightlife, there are nightclubs and other bars in the area that are usually open until 4am or later depending on holidays. Panama City Beach has been known as the “Spring Break Capital of the World” due to the many thousands of students that come here each March and is located approximately two hours from Tallahassee.

If you’re thinking of traveling within Florida this coming year, Panama City Beach should be right up there on your list of must-visits!

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