Spring Break 2015: Choosing the Right Hotel

Choosing the right place to stay for your Spring Break trip is no small decision…

You’re only getting one Spring Break each year.

You don’t wanna be the one who sits there, quietly listening to everyone elses amazing Spring Break stories. You want to tell some of your own!

We get it, so we put together a helpful checklist of seven things to consider when choosing where to stay in Panama City Beach, FL.

1. Is it Beachfront?

There’s a reason you came to Panama City Beach, Florida instead of going to Vegas, or skiing in Aspen.

You wanna hang out on the beach for a week. Clear blue skies, palm trees, sunshine, and work on the perfect tan.

So why stay somewhere that isn’t RIGHT on the beach?

Not less than a mile from the beach, or across the road from the beach… We’re talking directly beachfront.

Walk-outta-your-room-onto-the-sand kinda beachfront.

TIP: Pick somewhere to stay that is directly Beachfront.

2. Do They ‘Get’ Spring Break?

Anywhere claiming to be the “perfect place to stay for Spring Break” should be able to back that up…

We don’t mean the generic, cookie-cutter hotels that throw up some spring break photos on their website a month before to try and look the part.

The perfect spot should change gears completely during Spring Break, and become a full-on, all-out Spring Break hotspot.

They will have DJs, pool parties, corporate sponsors with free giveaways, fun games and contests – and people staying at those other lame places will be there too.

Mainly because their hotels suck, and they have to leave to find something to do every day.

TIP: Stay somewhere that brings the fun to your doorstep.

3. Is There Something Going on During the Day?

Like we said above, there’s nothing worse than THINKING you got a bargain because your hotel was super-cheap.

But when you get there, you immediately realize why… There’s nothing going on. Just, nothing.

You didn’t come to the Spring Break capital of the World to catch up on the reading you’ve been meaning to get around to.

See above; you need a Spring Break Hotel / Resort / Condo… A place that really “gets” Spring Break, and makes it happen.

Tip: Stay somewhere with fun games and contests / pool parties etc during the day.

4. Is There Something Going on at Night?

Daytime is only half the story.

Ironically, it’s after the sun goes down that things start heating up in Panama City Beach.

There’s no question you’ll want to check out the different bars and clubs Panama City Beach has to offer during the week.

Everyone should spend one night at Club LaVela; the largest nightclub in the USA.

However, if you could actually stay somewhere that was home to one of the biggest clubs on the beach, well that wouldn’t suck.

Imagine people coming to hang out in the daytime because there was so much going on, and also coming back in their thousands each night (all week) to party there too.

That’s great by itself, before you even factor in how much you’ll save on cover charges all week by getting free entry as a guest of the Resort.

TIP: Find somewhere you can Stay AND Play (day & night).

5. Do You Have to Leave Every Day?

This relates to #3 and #4 above…

If you’ve GOT to leave every day to have some fun, then you’re definitely not staying in the perfect spot.

Sure, it may have been cheaper to book at first – but let’s see how expensive (and boring) driving around every day gets.

TIP: Think about the other costs that add up when you are constantly searching for things to do.

6. Do They Rent to Under 25s?

If you’ve ever looked for a place to stay for Spring Break, you’ll know it’s surprisingly common to run into “Sorry, we don’t rent to Under 25’s.”

For some reason, many condos and hotels still operate under the assumption that all Spring Breakers are going to trash their rooms.

You’re pretty much guilty until proven innocent, except you won’t be able to prove you’re innocent – because you can’t stay there!

The ideal place to stay will not only rent to under 25s, but they will also rent to 18 year olds.

Tip: Stay somewhere that doesn’t automatically assume you’re a thug.

7. Do People Staying Elsewhere go There to Hang Out?

This is always a good sign.

You know you’ve hit the jackpot when people come flooding to your Resort every day, all week because THAT’S the place to be.

They heard about the pool parties, the waterslides, the DJ, the contests, and the laid back but fun atmosphere all day and night, and they want in.

That could be your place… That IS this place… http://www.springbreakfunplace.com

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