Must-Try PCB Spring Break Cocktails

While these cocktails will work anywhere, there’s nowhere better than on the beach, on a hot sunny day, wearing your bathing suit during Spring Break.

These are some Must-Try Panama City Beach Spring Break cocktails. Legend has it, they have helped hundreds of Spring Breakers have a way better experience!

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1. Vodka + Juice Box = Drunken Toddlercapri

How to make it: Looking back, School days were pretty fun, but imagine how much more fun they could have been with this! Chug about a third of the fruit box goodness to make room for the real good stuff… Then carefully pour your vodka into the space you now have. Just don’t forget to cover the straw hole with a finger before you give it a shake! Then strut around sipping on your juice box like, “what?!”

Bonus: This makes a great conversation starter, and works well with ANY flavor fruit box. (Although Capri Sun is clearly the best… Ever!)

2. Vodka + Skittles = Russian Rainbowskit

How to make it: Really? You need instructions for this?

Bonus: If you’re really OCD, then you could split the skittles up into colors… But you might need to buy a few packets to get enough reds. (You never get enough red ones!)


 3. Vodka + Crystal Light = Pank Drankpank

How to make it: Nothing masks the deeply evil taste of a cheap vodka better than a sweet, sweet artificially flavored drink. Fill a large pitcher with vodka, then mix in a complete container of Crystal Light. Only the Pink Lemonade flavor qualifies as “Pank Drank.” Anything else, and you’re just pretending…

Pro Tip: A little water goes a long way. If the taste is way too sweet, add water one capful at a time, testing as you go.


 4. Vodka + Gatorade = Electrolyte Buzzgator

How to make it: Pre Game before a big night with this delicious and hydrating cocktail. Start by guzzling about a third of the Gatorade, then, fill the bottle back up with the vodka. Cap, shake, serve.



 5. Coconut Rum + Pineapple Soda = Broka Coladas

How to make it: Simply mix any sweet pineapple soda of your choice (although Fanta works really well) with as much Malibu as you can handle (pun totally intended).

Pro Tip: Find one of those mini drink umbrellas for a totally tropical experience!

6. Liquor + Emergen-C = Two Birds, One StoneC

How to make it: So one of your roommates starts coughing and sneezing, threatening to infect the rest of the team with their buzz-killing germs! Run, don’t walk and grab the nearest packet of Emergen-C and a cup of liquor. You’re getting a buzz on AND giving your immune system a boost. Your mom would be so proud!

Pro Tip: This is a tasty and beneficial way to start any day…

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