Book Your Spring Break 2016 Hotel Direct!

Spring Break 2016 in Panama City Beach, Florida is less than six months away! If you and your friends haven’t booked your room, or haven’t thought of where you might want to stay yet, there’s no better time than now to get the ball rolling.

Not that we’re trying to rush you or anything, but if you’re planning on taking advantage of some great early-bird discounts currently being offered by hotels and condos right on the beach, then now is the time!

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Do you need to know what hotels are available and at what cost?

Our website is the number one Spring Break resource and gives full information access to only the very best hotels and condos available on the beach on our “Where to Stay” page. From there one can make an informed decision and can book directly with the hotel or condo of their choice!

Most, if not all, hotels have developed their own branded websites and online booking agents which allow potential customers to save big dollars by avoiding a third party agent. (This is where you save $$$, by the way).

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Another benefit that students booking their hotels online stand to gain is the ability to make last minute reservations in a convenient manner, and as a result, enjoy the price rebates that hotels may implement to fill up these rooms, equaling even more savings to you the customer.

So, booking direct is very much a positive and beneficial luxury. Our website opens up a gateway that can lead visitors to understanding what’s available, and more importantly, that we’re not necessarily biased to a particular hotel.

For more information and to learn more about the variety of hotels and condos we recommend for Spring Break 2016, please visit our Where to Stay page.

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