Panamaniac VIP Card and Social Network Team Up For Spring Break 2011

Panamaniac VIP Card and Social Network Team Up For Spring Break 2011 is pleased to announce a new partnership and contest with the Panamaniac Club Card for Spring Break 2011 in Panama City Beach, Florida. will be giving away free Panamaniac Club Cards to students who join the social network and post their trip to Panama City Beach.  The Panamaniac Club Card (  includes over $200 in free cover charges to the most popular Spring Break clubs as well as discounts and drinks.  These VIP cards are normally hot commodities with students and help save money on their Spring Break trip.

To win the free cards all you need to do is invite 3 of your friends to join your group on        or just share the link to your travel group and let your friends you will be travelling with click the “Join the Team” button in left sidebar at your trip group.

For more information on how to win the Panamaniac Club Cards courtesy of please visit . is a rapidly growing travel-related social networking site that connects students and creates conversations surrounding popular destinations. Students can create profiles, search out destinations, share information and connect through their existing Facebook profiles to find out who will be at their upcoming spring break destination.  For more information please visit

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