Niche Website Enters Social Networking Arena With Spring Break

Niche Website Enters Social Networking Arena With Spring Break

Social networking has become one of the biggest means of communication between people and one of the hottest topics on and off the web.  With this explosion of popularity niche social networks have now emerged and are rapidly developing loyal followers.

One of the biggest niche markets and one of the most coveted for social networks is the student demographic.  These 17-25 year olds are typically heavy internet users, have large social circles and once introduced to new and cool products are very loyal. is a fairly new social network which aims to foster social discovery and conversations of travel destinations from around the world.  The website is free to join and targets largely the student demographic aged 17-25 years old that plan and attend Spring Break trips.

When first introduced to I was immediately intrigued by its premise and upon creating an account I saw that the yearly tradition of Spring Break in Panama City Beach created the perfect synergy to the site for students to share and join conversations.

Creating an account with was very fast and easy and I particularly liked that it connected easily with my existing social networks that I belonged to.  Once becoming a member I was able to enter my trip information and even pick the hotel I was planning on staying at.

Once my trip was entered I could then see all of the other people that would be travelling to Spring Break in Panama City Beach at the same time as me.  I was able to add friends, join and create groups, contribute to discussions and post and view pictures and videos. can also be useful in finding information and doing research on a particular city as well as gauging the overall popularity of a Spring Break destination.  After doing a bit of research it was obvious that Panama City Beach Florida was the most popular for Spring Break 2011.

I feel the biggest reason why students would be attracted to this site is that it provides a conduit to socialize, share and get excited about planning and organizing a trip to Spring Break with a friend or a group of friend’s months before the trip departs.

To create an account for yourself visit

To view a list of dates and other students that are heading to Panama City Beach Florida click

Review by:  Shannon Posavad, Spring Break and student marketing expert.

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