Corporate America Uses Spring Break to Attract Generation Y

The biggest thing to hit the American marketing scene since the 72 million baby boomers is Generation Y. With more than 60 million strong, corporate America is reaching out in unique new ways to enhance their visibility and build brand awareness and product loyalties.

One of the unique ways that corporations are attracting the Gen Y’ers is with the hot yearly event known as Spring Break. Every March hundreds of thousands of students from across the nation descend on the beaches of destinations such as Panama City Beach Florida for a mix of sun, fun, and parties.  Since Panama City Beach Florida is known as “The Spring Break Capital Of The World”  and attracts a college student mass upwards of 500,000, marketers are using Spring Break to put their products in front of the eyes of these young affluent college students.  Corporations feel that one of the great aspects of this marketing event is the fact that most of the college students who travel to Spring Break are trendsetters- who bring friends and involve them in their buying decisions.  This gives corporate sponsors more bang for their buck.

Spring-Break has changed its characteristics since Generation Y began to add its touch to the tradition. While partying still plays a central role in Spring Break rituals, planned activities have expanded and include more on-site advertising and corporate sponsors. The marketing message has also switched to advertising computer-related items, video games, movies and TV shows, and other youth-oriented consumer products.

What it boils down to is this: Get thousands of college kids in one spot, with wads of money which they know they want to spend, and in a hot spot like Panama City Beach – and you have the makings of a massive method of product promotion and service marketing. College students on these Spring Break trips likely will have large amounts of spare cash for their vacation and are more likely to spend this cash than any other types of tourists.

Collegiate Marketing Group LLC who is a leading Youth Marketing and Promotion company who specializes in Panama City Beach also reports fielding numerous requests early from corporations vying to tap into this lucrative market for Spring Break 2011.

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