Club La Vela: The Place to see – and be seen!

Club La Vela: The Place to see – and be seen!

Club La Vela in Panama City Beach is not only the largest nightclub in the USA, it is also one of the trendiest and most respected nightclubs in the world. This is where everybody who’s anybody hangs out to meet friends and make new contacts.

Overlooking the beautiful white beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, the place definitely rocks by day, but just booms by night. If Panama City Beach is the ‘Spring Break Capital of the World’, Club La Vela is surely its capitol building.

Currently, Club La Vela’s capacity stands at 6,000 patrons, and has evolved into a major entertainment complex. Comprised of no less than nine theme rooms each with its own dance floor, there’s so much to experience at La Vela. Swimming pools, multiple bars and VIP lounges like the signature ‘Pussy Kat’ lounge make going to this club a destination unto itself.

Because of its popularity during spring break, Club La Vela has been the focus of numerous events and media attention. MTV has made the club its home during several spring breaks over the past decade.

The party starts early and runs well into the morning as scores of partiers revel in the sights, sounds and sins of Club La Vela.

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