Hammerhead Fred’s – Party Under the Big Top

The party at Fred’s starts early every night as Spring Break’s top college DJs put on an incredible mix that will keep you pumped all night.

But let’s face it, people come to Hammerhead Fred’s for the number one night time party during Spring Break: the Foam Party extravaganza! You’ve never seen a party like this. Five thousand spring breakers under the massive tent going crazy in the foam to the hottest music. It’s a formula that has kept this party a hot ticket for 10 straight years.

Last year, Fred’s introduced the Glow Paint party to huge success and will once again invite spring breakers to get wild in the paint in 2013.

If foam and paint surprisingly isn’t your thing, Fred’s is open every other night to serve the East end of the beach in grand style.

Hammerhead Fred’s is part of the Panamaniac VIP Club Card Network. For more information on all the events and how you can purchase your card for Spring Break 2013, please visit www.panamaniacclubcard.com


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