Are You Ready for Spring Break 2014?!

Are You Ready for Spring Break 2014?!

Spring Break is the largest student event of the year, as over 1.5 million students from across the U.S. travel to various destinations, the most popular being Panama City Beach, Florida.

Known as the “Spring Break Capital of the World”, Panama City Beach has annual attendance numbers exceeding half a million students, making it the most attended Spring Break destination in the world.

Here’s 10 Reasons Why Your Spring Break 2014 Trip Should Be to Panama City Beach: 

  • Cool Giveaways

If you’re into free swag (and who isn’t!), then PCB is the place to be during Spring Break. One can’t walk more than 30 feet on the beach without hitting some kind of beach promotion zone. Lined with a wide range of free giveaway booths, game and activity lounges, fun and creative contests, and so much more, you’ll need to bring an extra suitcase just for your free stuff!

  • Sun Sets

One thing is for certain, you won’t leave PCB without at least taking 10 pictures of the sun setting over the gulf. Whether you want to admit it or not, you know it’s a pretty spectacular sight, and sharing those perfect golden images on our Facebook and Twitter profiles are the very things that make our friends and family back home envious of us.

  • Free Concerts

Each year, the free concerts are a huge talking point during Spring Break. Last year, crowd favorites Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line packed the beach from east to west. We’ve seen Kenny Chesney, Flo Rida, Lil’ Wayne and Drake all perform to massive crowds. One of the best guarded secrets each year is simply who will be next?

  • The Clubs & The Parties

When people come to Panama City Beach for Spring Break, they come to party. Boasting some of the very best and most talked about beach clubs in the USA, there’s a different place to be at every night of the week when you’re in PCB. They say “there’s no party like a Spring Break PCB party!” to which we can honestly admit that words have never been more truly spoken. Please click here for more information about the clubs in PCB.

  • The Beach

Let’s face it, without the beach there would be no Spring Break, and Panama City Beach has 27 miles of it. After all, they don’t call this place the ‘world’s most beautiful beaches’ for nothing. The pure white sugar sands are unlike any other beach in North America. And for that, we can truly say your Spring Break in Panama City Beach will indeed be worth it.

  • Easily Accessible

Whether you’re planning to travel by car, bus, or plane, Panama City Beach’s North-West Florida location makes this a very accessible place to travel to. It’s no wonder that the mid-west and eastern states make PCB their primary travel spot each year.

  • The Food

Panama City Beach may be recognized around the world for its beaches, but equal due should be paid for its variety of eateries and the fresh food that they serve. If you love seafood, then you’ll have a great time trying to choose where to go. If a juicy steak is what you crave, there are plenty of terrific places to serve you. Love Asian cuisine, Mexican, or Italian? Rest-assured, you’ll be well taken care of. Please click here for more information on where you can eat while in PCB.

  • The Shopping

With Pier Park’s location right off the main strip, there’s really no need to go anywhere else. But if variety is what you require, then crossing the bridge over into Panama City to hit the mall is a popular option. And for those who know a thing or two about Destin and its available shopping, you know it’s a whole different world out there – even if it is only just 45 minutes away from the beach. Please click here for more information about Shopping in PCB.

  • Beach Activities

Swimming and tanning not withstanding, there are a variety of activities one can choose from to make each and every beach day a fun one. Whether it’s Parasailing over the gulf, swimming with the dolphins, zip-lining along the beach, or entering one of the many daily free volleyball tournaments, you’re completely covered!

  • Affordable Hotel Rates

It’s probably the real reason why students keep coming back year after year. Quite frankly, the prices are excellent by comparison to any other destination. Whether you’re booking a gulf front condo, a resort hotel, or a motel on the strip, you can be rest-assured that you’ll be paying some of the lowest rates for any prime beach destination. Please click here for more information about Where to Stay while in PCB.


Alysse Pellouchoud

HI, I’m coming here fir spring break march 23 with my friends. We want a hotel that is nice but mainly a party! Which hotel has the best party while still being a nice hotel? And a younger crowd would be awesome. Suggestions would seriously help so much! thanks!

jannae white

I would love to go to Panama me nd friends and plus have fun nd enjoy an new town nd party

jannae white

I would love to go to Panama me nd friends and plus have fun nd enjoy an new town nd party and walk on da beach without ppl tellin us what to do and it would be awsome to explore around Panama


Best time for spring break here is def in March!! April everything dies down.

Mike McGuire

Who wants to party with kids from Penn State? March 8th-13th hit me uppppp


Lets go Bucks! OSU students taking over pcb. Where my buckeyes at?!

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